Dr Jean-Marie Benamour

Dr Jean-Marie Benamour, obstetrician – gynecologist, PhD.

Born June 20, 1952, his general professional experience amounts to 26 years.

Jean-Marie Benamour graduated from Denis Diderot- Paris VII University. He received his PhD. in 1985.

He had been working as an obstetrician – gynecologist at St. Izabelle clinic since 1986, but several years ago he opened his own practice in his private office in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, near the Champs Elysées.

Doctor Benamour is constantly improving his professional skills.


Dr Gérard Salama

Dr Gérard Salama, obstetrician – gynecologist, a World Renowned Surgeon French president honored Doctor Salama with the highest decoration founded after the French Revolution – Chevaliers of the Légion d’honneur.

He is the President of the International Association of Medical Research in the fight against aging, a partner of RHANA clinics. Gerard Salama has a PhD in medicine from René Descartes University – Paris 5, as well as the certificate of special education in the obstetrics/gynecology field.

Membership in organizations:

  • Member of the Association of Physicians of Paris.
  • Member of the French Association of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • Researcher of the National Institute for Health and Medical Research.
  • Currently, Dr. Salam has a private practice in one of Parisian hospitals.


Dr Foucault Daniel

Foucault Daniel, obstetrician – gynecologist, PhD.

General professional experience amounts to 35 years.

Doctor Foucault Daniel was born on January 10, 1950. He graduated from the Broussais-Hôtel Dieu University – Pairs 7 in 1974 and 2 years later received his Ph.D. at René Descartes University.

From December 1976 to June 1978 he participated in humanitarian missions provided by Maternity Hospital Saint-Pierre on the island of Reunion. He has been a member of the Center for prenatal screening in St. Vincent de Paul maternity clinic since 1979.

Dr. Foucault is constantly improving his professional skills: he participates in medical conferences and congresses.

He received a special certificate in the specialty training “Obstetrics and Gynecology” at René Descartes University – Paris 5 and the certificate of “Infertility research” in 1980.

He has been working as an obstetrician-gynecologist at St. Isabel clinic since 1981.


Dr Bernard Rouche

Dr Bernard Rouche, obstetrician – gynecologist, PhD, specializes in the application of new technologies to gynecology.


  • Intern for the Hospitals of Paris (Hôpitaux de Paris) Medical practitioner at the Tenon Hospital from 1979 to 1985 (Hôpital Tenon) Director at the Hospitals of Paris (Hôpitaux de Paris) Certificates Doctor of medicine, Saint-Antoine Medical School.
  • The certificate of special studies of obstetrics and medical gynecology – René Descartes -Paris V Academy 1985
  • The certificate of the specialized teaching studies of ultrasound scanning in gynecology and obstetrics – René Descartes -Paris V Academy 1984
  • Session of innovative technique application to gynaecological endoscopy- Clermont Ferrand


Dr Claude Debache

Dr Claude Debache, obstetrician – gynecologist, PhD.

General professional experience amounts to 20 years.

Currently, Claude Debache is the director of La Moyette clinic, assisting more than 300 deliveries a year.

He is constantly improving his professional skills.

Dr Debache worked with many French celebrities.

Philippe_mintz_portrait 320

Dr Philip Mintz

Dr Philip Mintz, obstetrician – gynecologist, PhD.

General professional experience amounts to 23 years.

Currently, Philip Mintz is the head doctor of Mona Lisa clinic, assisting more than 400 deliveries a year. He is constantly improving his professional skills.