The Jeanne d’Arc clinic

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Родовой зал

Родовой зал

Главный вход в клинику Жанны Д'Арк

Главный вход в клинику Жанны Д’Арк


The main entrance

Founded in 1950 and completely renovated in 2006, The Jeanne d’Arc clinic is located in the heart of Paris (13th distict). The clinic offers a wide range of services, both in hospitalization and ambulatory care.

The Jeanne d’Arc Clinic welcomes you to accompany your pregnancy and prepare the birth your child. Multidisciplinary medical and surgical center with modern and functional equipment and laboratory, the clinic offers obstetric and surgical consultations.

The medical team and nursing staff of the Jeanne d’Arc clinic welcomes patients and future parents.


Mother/Baby Room

Surgery unit:

  • 37 beds
  • 19 surgical beds
  • 18 ambulatory posts
  • 3 operating rooms
  • 9 recovery rooms
  • 2 endoscopy rooms

Maternity block: 35 beds. The Obstetrical block and the Centre of Consultations and the Centre of Ophthalmology are at your service too.