Paris for pregnant women

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In the French capital there is a perfect place not only for wine-lovers and couples, but also for expectant mothers. There can be found many places where you can sit quietly on a lawn or on a bench in the shade of trees or walk quietly, however, it’s not such an easy task to choose from 426 Parisian gardens and parks.


The Tuileries Garden garden and the Park de la Villette (Fr. Parc de La Villette) – is the biggest lung of Paris, which is situated in the first and the 19th districts of Paris, respectively.

Сад Тюрильи

The Tuileries Garden garden

A large park surrounds the Eiffel Tower, but there are too many tourists in summer. So pregnant Frenchwoman prefer to walk in the Monceau park which is located in the 8th arrondissement. The park entrance is framed by a unique iron gate, its territory is full of waterfalls, faux ruins, statues and sunny lawns. Provided that the climate in the French capital is very soft, you will be peacefully enjoying cozy atmosphere. Maybe that’s why its landscapes have inspired so many artists.

The park des Buttes Chaumont (French: Parc des Buttes-Chaumont) – this is another great place for a relaxing recreation, located in the 19th district. This, incidentally, is the third largest park, with a total area of over 20 hectares. Expectant Parisian mother adore this place.

Люксембургский сад

The Luxembourg Garden

The Luxembourg Garden, which is located right in the heart of Parisian Latin Quarter, is a quiet and peaceful place, with the beautiful Luxembourg Palace located just in the center of the park.

Imagine, as soon as you arrive in Paris, attentive French doctors will surround you with care and attention, you will only have to think about where to spend your day, where to buy pretty clothes or where is the store in with the best selection of organic products.